- absolutely go to the Galapagos Islands. Yes, it isn't cheap but worth every
- penny! We can recommend taking an 8 day boat trip. You need to book ahead
- (we booked it through the internet from Holland) because of the limited amount
- of visitors that can visit the islands. You might get lucky waiting for a last
- minute if you have the time;
- check out which boats go to which islands, especially the islands of Española,
- North Seymour and Genovesa have plenty of wildlife;
- expect to pay a tip on the boat for the crew and a seperate one for the guide, it
- is not included;
- ask ahead if you want to dive, not all boats offer this service.

- forget that you have to pay $100 (2006) in cash as park fee;
- get too close to all the wildlife. You are one of the lucky few who can still visit
- the islands. Listen to directions of the guides;
- leave your medicine for seasickness at home, you will probably need it!

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