- stay with a hostfamily: good for your Spanish, you will learn more about the
- Guatemalan culture and it's a great way to get to know the friendly people;

- follow Spanish lessons! APPE is highly recommendable: it's a good school and
- they can arrange a hostfamily for you as well (;
- experience Semana Santa (week before Easter), especially in Antigua;
- visit Tikal, Lago Atitlan, Todos Santos, the volcanic beach of Monterrico and
- Chichicastenango. Go by yourself or book a trip at Julio, not the cheapest but
- good service and very friendly (5a Calle Poniente no. 6 in Antigua);
- enjoy some of Antiguas best (and cheaper) places to eat or just have coffee:
- Doña Luisa, Rainbow Cafe, Cafe Condesa, Frida's or La Fuente. There are many
- more good places, so find out for yourself!
- check your account regularly, sometimes banks deduct the money that you
- withdraw twice;
- go to the Copan ruins in Honduras if you have the time. These ruines are worth
- the trip and it's an easy way for renewing your visa;
- take the chickenbus, it's cheap and fun!

- fly Iberia, may be cheap but very poor service. We lost our bags for 5 days!
- climb the Pacaya on your own, book an excursion!
- go out too late at night and try to avoid nightbuses. Guatemala is a great
- country but not always that safe. During both times we were here, we never
- experienced any kind of trouble but it's still wise to check up to date travel
- advice ( or;
- take pictures unasked!

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copyright Simon and Inge