- check up to date travel advice. Nicaragua is much safer than most people think
- but it's still wise to know what's going on in advance ( or
- learn some Spanish, people hardly speak English here;
- travel by chickenbus: easy, fun and cheap!
- spend some time on the Island of Ometepe, climb one of the two volcanoes and
- visit the Charco Verde Reserve;
- visit León (Via Via has good food and you can stay there for $3 a night),
- Granada and its surroundings, La Selva Negra ( and the less
- touristy Matagalpa (;
- relax on the beach of San Juan del Sur or go to the more beautiful beaches close
- by. A nice place to eat or buy books: El Gato Negro (;
- go to Bluefields and the Corn Islands if you have the time and money. We didn't
- go there but heard good stories about this part of Nicaragua.

- visit the ruins of León Viejo if you're short on time. The surroundings are amazing
- and it's fun how to get there but the ruins are not that special;
- go in April or May if you can't stand the heat and don't like sweating;
- step in a cab with only 2 doors, already one passenger, no signs or when the cab
- driver approaches you.

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copyright Simon and Inge